Top Long Distance Home Selling Tips

Selling a home long distance is a big feat. It’s a lot more work than you’d suppose. In fact, it’s a huge commitment because you’re not in the same location. While you might have an ostensible plan, when reality intercedes, it will likely blow up your pre-conceived scenario. That’s because long distance home selling is no easy matter. To get a solid purchase offer and get through closing, it’s vital to know some fundamental facts about long distance home selling.

How to Find Your Home’s True Market Value

To sell any property, regardless of your situation, you first need to establish its true market value. It’s not enough just to look at a few comparable homes. (Particularly homes which are still active listings. That’s because a home’s asking price and selling price often differ.) So, you need to know its true market value.

“In recent years, many homeowners couldn’t sell their homes because they couldn’t get the price they needed. Many were fortunate enough to stay in their homes, but others moved because of job transfers or other life changes. Many ended up renting out their homes rather than taking a bit hit when selling them. These “accidental landlords” were never in the game to be investors but were forced into it because of the market.” —Yahoo Homes

You can start by getting a pretty decent ballpark figure. Do this by looking at comparable sales within the last few months. The homes should be in the same or similar neighborhood. The comparables ought to have the same number of bedrooms and baths. And, have the same or similar amenities. But, for the best estimation, you’ll need a CMA or comparative market analysis. This information will help you price your home right.

Top Long Distance Home Selling Tips

After you know your home’s true market value, you’ll need to work with a few others to get it sold. Because if you’re located in another county, city, or state, you’ll need locals to pull it off. Here are some helpful long distance home selling tips you can use:

  • Get the tax details. Right now, many local markets are hot. But regardless of that fact, you’ll need to learn about any tax consequences. It all really depends on many factors. So, be sure to consult a licensed tax professional to be in-the-know.
  • Visit your old home. If it’s possible, you should visit your old home periodically. Should that be difficult, at least try to make it back once or twice. This way, you can see it with your own eyes and make any determinations about maintenance and more. If there are issues, be sure to make any necessary repairs. This way, potential buyers won’t have any big objections.
  • Bring in a professional home stager. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional home stager to make it look its best. After all, selling an empty home is a big challenge by itself. So, get it looking its best to make it attractive to buyers. You need it to sell itself as much as possible.
  • Partner with a solid, local real estate pro. Make no mistake about it, you’ll need an experienced real estate pro who is local to keep you up-to-date. If you have a local representative, you’ll have a lot less to worry about.

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