Top Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Tips

It’s not exactly cold outside. Or, even cool this season. But, that’s okay, it’s the super mild winters the Sunshine State offers that makes it so attractive. And, if you’re considering selling your home in the near future, you should be looking at it with a critical eye. Even if you’re not going to sell now, you can seriously benefit from improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Best Time to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Now is actually the best time to improve a home’s energy efficiency because it’s a slow time of year for contractors. What’s more it’s also a time of decreased sales at home improvement stores. So, you can score some discounts and deals.

“Your home is your place to rest, play, and spend time with your family. It should be a place of comfort, and this comfort need not come at a high cost. Many homes, however, waste a lot of energy in ways that can be prevented.” —Realty

Since it’s a slow time for the construction industry at-large, you can take advantage to make your property more energy efficient. What’s great about this move is you enjoy lower utility bills. Plus, it’s a real boost for resale value and potential.

Top Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Tips

The trick is to make the right moves. After all, you don’t want to spend money where it isn’t necessary. Also, you want to fetch a healthy ROI. Moreover, if you don’t approach it right, you could actually find it a poor investment. So, let’s take a look at the top home energy efficiency improvements you can make:

  • Get a residential home energy audit, first. You can schedule and conduct a home energy audit through the Orlando Utilities CommissionThis identifies existing and possible energy waste.
  • Think about replacing windows and doors. Next, if a culprit, think seriously about replacing your windows and doors. With double-pane, low-E windows, you’ll experience a more comfortable atmosphere. What’s more, it will cut down on your heating and cooling costs.
  • Consider switching to a tankless water heater. Usually, opting  for a tankless water heater means snagging a rebate and some other worthwhile incentives. It’s a great way to save month after month and it’s a nice selling feature, as well. If your existing water heater is near 10 years old (or older), it’s probably time to replace it anyway.
  • Upgrade the insulation above the interior ceiling. While it’s certainly not the most exciting aspect, switching out the insulation can produce a whole lot of positive change. Insulation simply breaks down over time and it’s generally damaged by pests. So, get new insulation and reap the rewards with lower utility bills.
  • Upgrade the central heat and air and thermostat. Another great move is to replace the central heat and air system. If possible, do so in its entirety. You’ll get the most out of the system in comfort while spending less to power it. For further benefit, upgrade to a new programmable thermostat.

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