Simple Ways to Increase Home Resale Value

To increase home resale value, you don’t necessarily have to spend a whole lot of money. But, it will require a bit of time and effort. After all, if you’re going to sell your house or some time in the next few years, you want to get the biggest return-on-investment as possible. In order to achieve that goal, you can’t just leave “well enough” alone. If you are apathetic, buyers will certainly notice and simply pass right by your property for another. Remember, when you sell a home, you’re not doing so in a vacuum. And, it a market like Orlando, where new construction is everywhere, these tactics are especially important. So, let’s take a look at some ways to increase home resale value.

Things that Impact Home Resale Value

There are many things which impact home resale value. And, some of them are totally out of your control. For instance, location is a huge factor. Of course, you can’t pick up your house and move it to a different neighborhood. But, location nevertheless matters. Additionally, the other houses on the block impact a home’s resale value. Here again, you can’t do anything about it but it does matter a whole lot.
increase home resale value

“Is digging up the backyard to put in a pool worth it? What about upgrading a tired-looking kitchen with gleaming marble countertops? And what about installing high-tech speakers—throughout the house? If you’re planning to renovate your home, you may already be asking yourself these very questions. But when it comes to increasing your home’s appraisal value, the answer to them isn’t always a resounding yes.” —Real

Another element which impacts your home’s value is the local real estate market (put that in the all-too-obvious category). Depending on its condition and dynamic, it could be a positive or a negative for your property. Although these aren’t under your control, you should know they do affect a home’s value.

Simple Ways to Increase Home Resale Value

Now, let’s talk about how you can increase your property’s resale value. The good news is, these improvements don’t cost very much. But, they do offer tremendous impact. Here are some effective ways to increase home resale value:

  • Brush on a coat of neutral paint. If you’ve been in a model home, a newly built apartment building, or even in a recently constructed hotel, you’ll probably notice there’s usually a lack of bold colors. The reason these properties feature neutral colors is to get as much mileage out of the decor. Avoiding fads and crazy colors is a must. Brush on a fresh coat of neutral, interior paint.
  • Add colorful landscaping. Even though buyers begin their home searches online, this doesn’t mean you can ignore the curb appeal. Sure, you might skip the landscaping photos but when people come to see it in person, they’ll definitely notice. So, increase the curb appeal to make a strong impression.
  • Fix everything that’s broken. Another very simple way to up a home’s resale value is to just fix what’s broken around the house. You can bet any buyers who tour your home will take notice and have their objections.
  • Replace hardware. A great way to set off a room is to just replace hardware. This is particularly effective in the kitchen and bathrooms. Or, you can also opt to upgrade the appliances to make a lasting impression.

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