Ocita in Hunters Creek

As mentioned before, moving to Hunters Creek is an important decision that thousands of people make each year, but the choice of which neighborhood to consider in Hunters Creek can be tough! Hunters Creek has so many communities with beautiful homes close to many amenities to choose from that it can feel that there is too much choice! But, when it comes to selecting a fantastic family friendly neighborhood to live in in Hunters Creek there can be no better choice for many than the great neighborhood of Ocita.

Ocita is by far the largest community in Hunters Creek with 296 homesites (of which 295 have been developed). It has two entrances along Hunter’s Creek Boulevard with the main entryway feature of the eastern entrance being beautiful Lake Ocita.

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In all the neighborhood is home to five retention ponds, a beautifully landscaped and well kept park on Kiawa Drive on the western side of the community as well as, on the northwestern corner of the community the beginning of a walking or jogging trail that travels between lakes and the beautiful Shingle Creek Conservation area that ends in Osprey Park. With much of the community backing onto conservation area, as you would expect the greenery continues throughout the development with plenty of lush landscaping.

Ocita is one of 9 incorporated neighborhoods within Hunter’s Creek. This means that while it is a member of the Hunter’s Creek Community Association it has more independent authority than the other single-family neighborhoods that are represented by committees. The Ocita Neighborhood Association plays an important role in the life of this community as it strives to maintain the high standards and community interactivity that make this neighborhood so desirable.

Many people wonder about the origin of Ocita’s name. Well, there are conflicting historical documents about the name Ocita. Most agree that there was a tribe that was part of the Timucua Indian Nation called Ocita – which means “powerful” – some say that the chief of the tribe was names Ocita. Back in 1680 it is estimated that there were about 300 members of the tribe in the area. Definitely interesting information!

Ocita is definitely one of the nicest communities in Hunters Creek to live in!

If you are considering relocating to Hunters Creek and are looking for a beautiful single family home then perhaps the great community of Ocita is the neighborhood you could live in! Contact Steve Glose for professional Hunters Creek Relocation advice.