New Tennis Court Procedures at Hunters Creek Osprey Park

Beginning August 15, HCCA is introducing a new procedure for tennis court usage at
Osprey Park. The intent behind this new procedure is to allow more residents to utilize
and take advantage of the facilities during “peak” hours. The Hunter’s Creek Tennis
Committee has determined those hours to be 5:30-8:30pm, Monday-Friday.
During these times:

1- All residents and guests must check in at the Osprey Park Social Center before
beginning any tennis activity.
2- In order to sign-up for a court, two players must be present and a valid HC ID
must be offered. If more than two players will be playing, a second valid HC
ID will be required to maintain current resident to guest ratio requirements.
3- Passes will be issued for tennis courts no more than thirty (30) minutes prior
to the assigned starting time. These passes must be displayed outside the
court, clipped onto the fencing. IDs will be held until the passes are returned
when play is completed. All passes can be returned to the front desk or to the
on-duty security guard.
4- There is a 90-minute time limit on the use of the tennis courts. However,
players may continue on their assigned court after their 90-minute time slot
as long as no other players have been assigned.
5- No consecutive reservations by any one person or a group at any time are
allowed. The goal is to allow more residents to play, not allow the same
people to reserve courts under different names.
6- If a court is reserved, and that resident is more than 10 minutes late, the
reservation will be lost, and the court may be re-assigned.
7- HCCA management reserves the right to schedule the courts to accommodate
the greater need of all HCCA residents and users.