Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone dreams of the perfect kitchen. The kind that wows everyone with eye-pleasing aesthetics and fully functional. But these elements do not come easy. Home improvement projects, particularly kitchen remodeling, requires detailed planning, whether it’s just updating cabinets or a complete overhaul.

In a perfect scenario, the demolition starts right on-time. All the appliances, fixtures, and materials arrive as planned. Everything falls into place and the project completes under budget. In such a situation, to celebrate! But all too often, this just is not the case. In fact, this scenario is probably only one in hundreds. So, it’s best being armed with some helpful knowledge before proceeding.

Popular Kitchen Designs

Of course, the first step is to decide what type of kitchen will best serve your needs as there are a number to choose from. The most common are contemporary, which has distinct Scandinavian and Danish influences and incorporates lighter woods with stainless steel and accent colors. Farm kitchens include rustic elements, with a southern feel and often have enamel ware and cast iron cookware on display amidst blue, yellow and red colors.

Country kitchens differ from farm kitchens because these are not as rustic. These design concepts often employ a motif built around sunflowers or apples and use a single solid color such as yellow, red or green. Old World kitchens are French or Italian inspired. Cherry and mahogany, copper pots, apron sinks are typically included.

If frozen pizza is all you ever pop in the oven, a conventional stove will serve you just as well as that newfangled induction range — and save you thousands of dollars besides. You can always upgrade appliances later. —This Old House

Regardless of the design style, you must think about function. As the nearby quote points out, you should carefully consider what appliances and amenities will work best in your family’s lifestyle. Remember, this is the most used room in your home, so don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Every homeowner who’s taken on a renovation project, be it a bathroom remodel or just doing a bit of cabinet refacing has a war story to tell. It’s a fact of life that when you get into something so big, you’re bound to run into problems. But if you know the most common kitchen remodeling blunders, you’re not likely to commit them unwittingly:

  • Jumping in without a real plan. Hey, you wouldn’t just cash out all your bank and investment accounts and put that money into a venture that didn’t have a solid business plan. So why make the same mistake with your kitchen remodel? Do yourself a big favor, save time, money and frustration and hire an architect straight away. You’ll not only have an experienced guide, you’ll have someone who can capture your vision and turn it into a reality.
  • Going the DIY route carte-blanche. If you’ve never hung a kitchen cabinet, now’s not the time to learn. While you are normally handy with tools, leave the big parts of your makeover to a professional. It’s all too easy to make a mistake you can’t correct. But if you like to paint, then knock yourself out. As for installing the new appliances, leave that to someone with the know-how.
  • Not leaving enough space. This is perhaps the biggest flub homeowners commit. Those new appliances, that larger than life island and other fixtures take up a lot of space. Don’t make the mistake of cramming in what you want only to find you have practically no storage or walking space.
  • Having too little light. Your kitchen remodeling plan might include putting in a new skylight or changing out the old light fixtures. But there will still be several areas where more light is needed. Think about your new kitchen’s work space and add lighting where you’ll most need it.