Should I Install New Appliances before Selling?

So, you’re seriously committed to selling your Orlando home, perhaps to take advantage of new construction opportunities. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake that will cost you money you don’t need to spend, or, cause you not to get as much as possible from the sale. That’s all completely understandable, and reasonable. However, selling a home means more than just staking a large For Sale sign in the yard and involves all sorts of decisions.

You have a friend, a neighbor, co-worker, or family member who is telling you to upgrade the kitchen appliances to make the home more attractive to buyers. The problem with purchasing new appliances is, of course, the cost. What’s more, you won’t be in the residence much longer, so it seems to be an unnecessary expense. Then again, it might be something that you can’t avoid.

Marketing a Home to Buyers

The reason this is a common conundrum for many sellers is precisely because they are putting their homes on the market. Since the property won’t be there home for long, it’s only logical to forgo putting more money into the property. That’s thinking like a seller, not a buyer, and that can cost you big time. Buyers will spend a lot of money to purchase a home because there are many expenses. The last thing a buyer would welcome is another pull from the wallet.

“When deciding which projects are worth completing, you don’t want to over-invest your time and money. Expensive projects are rarely worth it if your goal is simply to sell the house.” —Yahoo Homes

Selling a home also costs money but it’s what and how that money is spent which makes the difference. For instance, you would have a better presentation if the home was staged professionally. You’ve got to put yourself in the position of a buyer and do what makes your property most attractive, particularly to stand-out from your competition.

Install New Appliances before Selling?

Now, should you install new appliances before putting your home on the market? The answer depends on a few factors. Here are some considerations to take into account to help you make a good decision:

  • Your property is largely up-to-date. If the rest of your home is up-to-date but the appliances are a few years old yet still look and function well, you might be able to forgo new purchases. However, if you show the home a number of times and don’t get any real interest, you’ll know why.
  • Other improvements would be too expensive. Should your kitchen have shortcomings, such as too little counter space or not enough cabinet space, it would be better to upgrade the appliances to take the focus off of those problems. Be smart about your home improvement choices.
  • What the competition has to offer. You should always know what you’re up against. Check out nearby comparable homes. If those have newer appliances yet similar square footage and amenities, you ought to serious consider replacement.
  • The local market condition. Though this is out of your control, it is a very big factor in selling your property. Few buyers and many sellers means a lot of competition, while few sellers and many buyers is a benefit.

Finally, take into consideration what’s reasonable. Spend a little to get something or a lot back, or, spend nothing and gain nothing. Consult an experienced real estate professional to give you an honest assessment.