Hunters Creek Living: Tips For Selling Your Home In Hunters Creek This Summer

So we wrote about the Top 6 Red Flags When Selling Your Home before, but this doesn’t cover what are some smart tips to help sell your home in Hunters Creek this summer!

Living in Hunters Creek is a great decision that thousands of people have made over the years when they move to Orlando. Hunters Creek offers a fantastic lifestyle that is not on offer in many other parts of the metro area. Hunters Creek real estate is affordable, convenient and located within the catchment area of some great schools.

However, sometimes people need to move and sell their home to move to a larger home or one which is closer to work. Many people actually sell their home and then move within Hunters Creek so they can stay in an area they know and love!  So how can you sell your home in Hunters Creek this summer? What tips can you use in your home to help you with the selling process?

Here in Orlando we have year round sunshine so it can feel like summer is a longer season here than it is in other states, so if you are selling your home in Hunters Creek some of the tips that would be specific for the summer in other states are applicable for Hunters Creek homes somewhat year round.

Outside Space:

Utilize Your Patios and Creating an entertaining space.

When it comes to selling your home in the summer months, buyers are looking for outside space. A flow between outside and inside space creates the feeling of a larger home and is desirable by many.

According to HGTV, outdoor spaces can bring in the money. Thanks to many interior and exterior design TV shows today’s buyer expects more from outdoor space. Built-in grills, outdoor fireplaces, gazebos, hot tubs, pools and large lanai’s are popular with buyers. Stage these areas with tables, chairs and other outdoor accessaries to create a true entertaining space.


With the summer months and in the case of Florida the summer storms, plants love it! Our wet season is the perfect time for them to flourish. This means that you will have to keep on top of the yard work. Smarten up the lawn and keep it neat around the edges, cut to the correct length and trim your plants to keep them looking tidy. Show off your existing landscaping in its best way – landscaping is after all expensive and a potential buyer may be put off if they think they are going to have to spend money fixing the yard.

Inside Space:

Keep it cool!:

When showing your home to potential buyers in the summer months buyers, like all of us are often looking for relief from the heat outside so mae sure that your air conditioning unit is turned to a comfortable level during showings and open houses. The last thing you need is a prospective buyer distracted by sweat or humidity.


Heat and humidity can bring out smells in your home – if you have pets then consider having your carpet professionally cleaned and spend time giving the bathrooms and your kitchen a spring clean too.


Either undertake small home repairs yourself or hire a local handyman or contractor to finish those odd jobs that you never got around to. This is important for selling year round and not just the summer but the more light that is around in the summer months mean that people tend to notice where repairs are needed more easily.

If you are looking to sell your home in Hunters Creek or are a buyer who is looking for a perfect home in Hunters Creek then contact us today for professional real estate assistance.