Hunters Creek Living: Making Your Home Greener & More Energy Efficient

With exciting news right  now in the real estate market that pending home sales are up 19.8% nationwide right now compared to this time in 2010 so there is definitely a buzz in the local market.

If you are a seller in the market right now, then you need to know what buyers are looking for right now and that is greener homes. That is homes that are energy efficient and have green features which help save the owner money on their utility bills and that are kinder to the planet! Buyers want these features and sellers want to attract buyers, but don’t want to spend a fortune making their home greener.

So how can you make your Hunters Creek, Orlando home more energy efficient and “greener” without breaking the bank?

1. Install CFL’s – that is Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. These type of lightbulbs use up to 80% less energy than typical incandescent bulbs, they are less expensive to operate, and with a lamp life that is about five times that of incandescent lighting there is also savings on replacement cost. They also burn cooler than incandescents meaning that there is less risk of fire. These bulbs work best in locations where they are switched on for long periods so make sure to replace these traditional bulbs first with CFLs. One of the best parts about installing new lightbulbs is that is is easy, quick and affordable to do yourself!

2. Weatherstripping for doors and windows – Cut down on drafty windows and doors by installing weatherstripping around windows and doors. These typically come in two varieties, self stick and nail on. Self stick tapes are rubber, foam or vinyl backed with adhesive with a peel off paper. Perfect for metal or vinyl windows or doors where nailing is not wise! Installation of these takes just minutes and can help you save on heating and cooling costs.

3.  Insulation, insulation, insulation! This is a very important part of your homes energy efficiency. When your home in Hunters Creek was constructed it would have been build to a certain building code – a standard – which would  have included a requirement for a certain specification of insulation in the home – usually in the walls and attic. Make sure your insulation meets or exceeds code, insulation more is better to cut your energy usage. A well insulated house is warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. In the attic make sure there is at least 6 inches of fiberglass batt insulation or loose insulation on the floor.

4. The Bathroom – Install a low flow shower head to cut water usage and when it comes to the toilet, consider installing a High-efficiency toilet. These are models which use use an average of 20% less water per flush than the industry standard of 1.6 gallons. There are several models available – some with different options that use as little as .8 or 1.1 gallons per flush saving you money on your water bill year round!

5. Pool Heating – If you have a pool in your home, then consider switching to a solar heating system whereby the suns rays heat the water going into the pool ensuring that your pool can be heated for free. Of course the system is not free, but it is definitely worthwhile saving money on heating water the old fashioned way!

Of course don’t forget to reduce the amount of waste, reuse items and of course recycle!

If you are looking to sell your home in Hunters Creek or are a buyer who is looking for a perfect home in Hunters Creek then contact us today for professional real estate assistance.