Hunters Creek Living: Making Moving/Relocating Easier & Less Stressful

Moving can be stressful. In order to make moving day less of a headache you should know that organization is the key to success.

Hundreds of people every year relocate to Hunters Creek to enjoy living in a beautiful part of south Orlando. Convenient for Walt Disney World, Downtown as well as easy driving distance to the coast, Hunters Creek Living has something for all.

So moving here is a great choice. Many people see moving day as an exciting time so the key is to ensure that the excitement remains while the stress is minimized. Good preparation leading up to moving day is important.

So use this list as a guide to help make your move to, or within Hunters Creek less stressful.

Contact your local utility companies – contacting your existing and new utility companies ahead of time will make sure that you can have your service transferred and ensure that there are minimal hiccups and hopefully no loss in service – this can also save you money too as some companies can waive connection fees if you are an existing customer.

Fill in a change of address form at the post office – this simple form can save you a lot of time, it ensures that your mail will be forwarded to your new address – useful if you have forgotten to notify everyone about your move and your new details. You can now do this online!

Measure up! – Visit your new home again and take last minute measurements to ensure that you can position everything exactly as you wish.

Contact Schools – old and new! Make sure hat you have your ducks in a row when it comes to your children and their schooling. Enrolling your child in a new school can often involve a lot of paperwork – this is definitely something which should be tackled sooner rather than later to ensure that your child’s education is not interrupted. Here are the local Schools for Osceola County and Orange County.

Seek out & hire a good moving company – whether a small local or large national company, selecting the right movers for you is a deeply personal choice that involves you feeling comfortable with the arrangements you make. Call around to get different quotes to get the most competitive price. Your agent may be able to help suggest some local companies that they have had previous clients use and be satisfied.

File/Store important documents and items in a safe place – a safety deposit box, safe, strong box or briefcase can be a great temporary home for the most important documents such as passports, birth certificates etc.

Baby Sitter/Pet Sitter – the last thing you need when it comes to moving day is to worry about Junior or Fido, so have them looked after by someone else for the day.

Schedule your walk through – work with your agent to have a final walk through the day before moving in or on the morning of closing. During the walk through, you want to make sure that everything has been removed from the property and that any inspection items have been repaired or resolved.

Schedule Cleaners – When you move in, no matter if it is a new build, cleaning will be required. If you are worried about timing and are worried that you have bitten off more than you can chew with the cleaning then leave it to someone else! Hire a cleaning company for the morning you move in to go through and give it a once over before you start moving in.

Send out change of address cards – Let friends and family know that you have moved!

By planning ahead in these areas it can cut down stress and make your move to Hunters Creek a more relaxing experience.

Contact Steve Glose for professional Hunters Creek Relocation advice.