Hunters Creek Living: Hurricane Season Means Hurricane Shutters!

That’s right, hurricane season is well underway for Hunters Creek and Florida as a whole – which means a few things:

1. You need to make sure you have a hurricane emergency kit containing enough food, water and other supplies for you and your family should the worst happen. Don’t forget to include some cash too in case the ATM and debit card systems go down.

2. Have an evacuation plan in case you have to get out of your neighborhood quickly and head away from a storm. Perhaps even have a “go bag” of clothes and supplies ready in your closet should you need it.

3. Protect your property as best you can!

Not just the obvious things like make sure all loose fixtures and fittings outside the house and around the pool deck are either tied down or brought inside. But even further than that, perhaps installing Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters are becoming increasingly popular in Hunters Creek as many homeowners remember the devastation of the storms of 2005. Hurricane shutters aren’t just practical items to use during a bad storm, they are also a selling feature for homeowners too.

The procedure for adding Hurricane shutters to your property in Hunters Creek is simple. Complete an ARC application and submit a brochure of specifications of the shutter or panels you are looking to install along with a plot plan indicating where they are to be installed. The HCCA office and ARC will review the application and if approved installation can go ahead.

Here are some of the guidelines from the HCCA/ARC:

For storm panels the header and sill angle must be mounted no more than 2″ from the edge of the window opening or 1″ from the outer edge of the window trim. The header, sill angle, mountain screws, bolts and nuts that remain on the header and sill angle must be painted the same color as the background where they are mounted.

Accordion type shutters, the assembly with the eager and sill tracks etc must be centered and custom fit for the window opening thus keeping the exposed wall surface between the assembly and the window opening to a minimum. The stack must be split with half on each side of the window opening. Roll down shutters must have their assembly custom fit for the window and also keep the exposure of the wall surface between the assembly and the window opening to a minimum. The color of the accordion and roll down shutters and assembly should be manufacturers standard white, almond or buff color and must be compatible with the overall exterior paint color scheme of the house.

Hurricane shutters and covering should only be used after a hurricane or tornado warning has been issued by the US Weather Service and permanent hurricane shutter systems must be opened and temporary coverings removed within 48 hours of the expiration of the hurricane or tornado warning.

Of course we hope that Hunters Creek and the rest of the state of Florida avoids hurricanes but living in the beautiful climate that we do, it can be unavoidable. So it pays to be prepared!

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