Hunters Creek Home Tips: Selling Your Hunters Creek Property By The End of the Year

If you are a seller in Hunters Creek then you know that selling your home can take some time. Back in the summer I wrote some tips Naturally you will want to make the process go as smooth as possible, but now that the summer is giving away to the final quarter of the year, how can you help sell your Hunters Creek home by the end of the year?

As always, selling your home all comes down to marketing and increasing your homes appeal to potential buyers. Remember, most of the time increasing your homes appeal to buyers doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, it can come down to using what you have and showcasing the best features of you home. This is what will make your home stand out amongst other similar homes on the market in Hunters Creek.

There is one thing that you have on your side – Hunters Creek is a very desirable and convenient part of Orlando and s such, people want to relocate here! Remember Hunters Creek offers a fantastic lifestyle that is not on offer in many other parts of the metro area. Hunters Creek real estate is affordable, convenient and located within the catchment area of some great schools.So where do you start?

How to increase your homes appeal so that you can sell it by the end of the year? Here are the top three tips:

1. Staging your home for pictures – a picture definitely speaks a 1000 words and in this day and age of technology, people expect lots of high quality staged photos to show off your home. But just taking a picture is not enough, you have to prepare for it! The obvious tips of removing any clutter or excess furniture. Rearranging the remaining furniture with looks taking rank over functionality is definitely important. If your furniture has seen better days, consider budgeting for furniture rental. Remember although we have a subtropical climate, with the Holiday season coming up many sellers want to start decorating their homes with Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas decor. Resist this urge, not only does it date the pictures of your staged home, but if overdone it can be seen as clutter by some buyers.

2. Cleaning – You can never clean your home enough when it comes to selling your property! (Did you see my article on stain removal?). It may seem obvious but a clean, fresh smelling home is the way to go when it comes to attracting buyers. Rememeber buyers are especially turned off by dirty bathrooms, kitchens, and odors. Scrubs these rooms the most and burn candles or spray room fresheners. If you don’t have the time to undertake the clean yourself, hire a maid service to help tackle the job. Don’t forget, if you have pets then consider having your carpet professionally cleaned as not everyone is a pet lover.

3. Increase your Curb Appeal – The first thing a potential buyer sees is the outside of your home and many buyers make their mind up in the first few seconds of viewing a home so make those first few seconds count! This means that the outside of your home must be in tip, top shape! The outside must create a desire to see the inside, this means spending a little time and perhaps money on some cosmetic enhancements. Powerwash your deck or sidewalk, fix broken stones, spend some time working in the yard and freshen up the planting. These days the outside of your home can be as staged as the inside! If you have a front porch area, make the most of it with perhaps a bench, potted plant etc.

Additionally, when talking with your agent don’t forget to discuss pricing. Buyers can see this as the most important factor when buying a home. Pricing competitively will ensure that you get the right amount of foot traffic through your door, price too high in any market and you will drastically cut the amount of showings you will have. Don’t forget, all markets are local! Ask me what your home is worth in your local market and I will perform a CMA – Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine how much you could list your home for.

Now you have some ideas on how to make your home more attractive to buyers with some simple tips, but what if you don’t mind spending some cash to help improve your property for sale? Read my article about ‘Where to focus your home when you sell?’

Most people think that spring is typically seen as THE season to buy and sell a home, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only time of year that you can sell your property. Some people want to move by the end of a calendar year, spend a Christmas or New Year holiday in a new home with their family and friends. This means that while you might be distracted with work, upcoming holidays and more – don’t let it deter you from selling you home, keep up the pace and keep actively marketing your home!

If you are looking to sell your home in Hunters Creek or are a buyer who is looking for a perfect home in Hunters Creek then contact us today for professional real estate assistance.