Hunters Creek Home Tips: Organizing Your Garage!

When it comes to organizing your home, perhaps for preparing it to be listed for sale or just to have a spring clean there is one area that can often be overlooked.

Most homes in Hunters Creek have decent sized two car garages and when it comes to organization, they are often overlooked. These days many people park their cars on the drive rather than inside their garage as their garage is chock full of stuff!

Remember, The garage is often one of a home’s key storage areas. But because the space it offers is rarely used efficiently.

So, what should you do? Not only does a disorganized garage give a bad impression to potential buyers if you are looking to sell, it also is a waste of perfectly good storage space that can be better utilized. Don’t forget, here in Florida, it is much better to park your car in your garage than on the drive or street thanks to the suns rays damaging its paintwork overtime. So all in all, a clean, organized garage is a no brainer for so many reasons. So it is time to clean, organize and de-clutter!

As the Hunters Creek homeowner here are some tips that you can use to help organize you garage:

1. Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving – Head to the home improvement store and pick up some adjustable shelving, affix to the walls and then start organizing! If you have many tools, consider several tool boxes for the shelves or a stand alone tool chest. Consider storing certain items in clear plastic containers so that you can easily identify the boxes contents without having to open it up.

2. Yard Tools – Rakes, Brooms and other long handles equipment is often propped up in a corner which can be troublesome when you are searching for just one item. The solution? Get yourself a tool tower designed to store anything long-handled. This way Mops, brooms, hoes, shovels and rakes can all be conveniently contained in a sturdy free-standing holder.

3. Bicycles – Who doesn’t love to go for a bike ride, particularly in Hunters Creek with its wide choose of trails and the Shingle Creek Nature area. But, when it comes to storing you bicycle, it can often get in the way. The solution? A bicycle rack mounted to the ceiling! This is the ultimate in space saving design as often garages have huge amounts of space above your head which can be utilized. A freestanding bike rack is worth considering, too, especially for kids’ bikes where easy access is essential, ok they will still take up floor space, but they will be upright and stable.

4. The Christmas or Halloween Decorations & other seasonal items – When we decide to festoon our Hunters Creek home for the season we go all out! While fun when on display, these ornaments and decoration materials can get underfoot during the rest of the year and are often haphazardly stored in the garage in various different boxes of many shape and size. This is definitely where the ceiling comes to the rescue again. A decent properly mounted ceiling rack is the way forward as these items are accessed so infrequently.

5. Trash and Recycling – These days we all understand how important recycling is, but sometimes the different trash cans and bins can take up valuable garage space if not properly stored. Consider stackable bins or separate shelving just for trash and recycle bins.

Of course this list is not extensive, but it will go someway to help you with your garage clutter. Also, as part of the natural organization process you will find items which you will want to throw out, donate or reuse which is part of the fun!

If you are considering relocating to Orlando and are looking for a beautiful single family home or a spacious condo in a prime location then perhaps Hunters Creek is the perfect place that you could live in! Contact Steve Glose for professional Hunters Creek Relocation advice.