Hunter Creek Homeowners: 5 Tips To Prepare Your Home for Summer & Hurricane Season!


Summer is here in Hunters Creek which means that homeowners should use their spare time wisely to inspect their home and make sure it is in a great state of repair for this years hot weather and hurricane season. – June 1st was the start of the season so time to be prepared.

Whether or not you believe the local weather forecasters predictions on an active season or not, in the summer months, spending time early on working on your home can pay you dividends when it comes to preparing for a storm or even when it is time to market your home for sale – it doesn’t sound very exciting but a properly maintained home is a happy home that will save you money over the years in unnecessary repair bills.

Here are some tips for Summer home maintenance in Hunters Creek:

1. Roof – Don’t just worry about hurricanes, think about those afternoon rain showers that we experience here in Orlando in the summer months. A properly maintained roof in good repair is vital to stop water getting in and causing damage. Even if your roof has a long warranty on it, it can still get damaged so make summer and winter inspections a must on your Hunters Creek home maintenance schedule. This is an area of you home where being proactive can save you time and money in the future

2. Guttering – If your property has guttering then make sure it is clear of debris and is in good shape ready to catch the rainwater from those tropical rain showers this year. You can even buy systems which use your guttering to capture rainwater for use in irrigating plants. Check out local home improvement stores in Hunters Creek for more.

3. Outside Space – Whether you have a wooden deck or a concrete slab outside your home, making sure that there are no cracks in the slab or split/rotting wood is important. Power wash these outside spaces for a like-new appearance.

4. Plumbing/Irrigation – check piping, outside faucets and sprinkler systems. Replace broken pipes, joints, faucets and sprinkler heads. Hire a professional if the level of repairs goes above simple maintenance, but this is an important way to keep your landscaping looking healthy year round and saving you money from water wastage.

5. Air conditioning/Insulation – Keeping cool is vital in the summer months when temperatures are rarely below the 90’s farenheight. Looking after your air conditioning system is of the utmost importance. Have it serviced by a licensed professional and make sure your unit, if outside is not obstructed by overgrown plants. Similarly, an efficient and well maintained system can save you money, this effect is only maximized when coupled with good insulation which helps keep out the hot weather and keep the cool air in. Making sure you have the correct attic insulation this summer is a wise investment in time and energy as it can help you save on your heating and cooling costs.

Of course everyone hopes for an easy hurricane season with few storms, but being prepared and up to date with your home maintenance and repairs is important to protect your home. If a hurricane does happen the state has a helpful website with many tips –

But, there is the added bonus of looking after your home can help you when it comes time to sell! Check out this “Healthy Homes Checklist from HUD” which gives a great list of tasks to perform each season.

Finally, have fun this summer in Hunters Creek – clean off the grill, tidy up the deck, scrub the pool and invite the neighbors round for a 4th of July get together and enjoy living in a great community while celebrating our nations birthday next month.