Home Relocation Mistakes to Avoid

Home relocation mistakes come in a number of different forms. And, they range from minor inconveniences to big time trouble. If you’re relocating, it’s probably job related. But, that’s not the only reason people relocate from one place to another. However, it doesn’t really matter why as much as how you do it. In other words, if you know the most common home relocation mistakes, you’ll be prepared to sidestep them.

Top Relocation Tips

When you’re relocating to another town or state, it’s important to have an actionable plan. You need to get an early start. The sooner, the better. This way, you have enough time and aren’t rushed. Also, this gives you the opportunity to start purging. After all, the less you move, the less you’ll spend on time, effort, and money.

“Whether you struck oil—black gold, Texas tea—and are moving to posh Southern California (that’s a reference to “The Beverly Hillbillies,” you millennials!) or maybe you’re making a cross-country migration to work for Snapchat (that’s a popular messaging app, boomers!), there’s a lot to think about when pulling up stakes and settling in a new place. Sure, it’s exciting, but a whole lot can go wrong, too.” —Realtor.com

Be sure to take an inventory and label every box clearly. If possible, take your valuables with you instead of putting them on the moving truck. Also, consider shipping some items to your new location rather than putting it on the moving truck. Put together an emergency kit and a take some supplies with you (like plastic utensils, snacks, drinks, towels, paper towels, et cetera).

Home Relocation Mistakes to Avoid

You want the relocation transition to go as smoothly as possible. While you can’t outright guarantee everything will work out flawlessly, you can do a few things to make it less stressful. Here are some of the top home relocation mistakes to avoid:

  • Listing your current home before finding a new place. You might be tempted to unload your current house in order to avoid paying two mortgages. But, that’s a bit short-sighted because there’s really no way of telling what will happen. So, consider renting for a short time in your new location.
  • Buying a new home before selling your current property. Of course, the above dynamic works the other way. If you buy a home before you sell, you will really be saddled with two mortgages. Take time to learn about the area so you don’t rush into a bad decision and find yourself with buyer’s remorse.
  • Not looking into potential financing obstacles. One reason lenders reject final mortgage approval is due to a job change. If you’re leaving a rental (or a house) and you already know the new market, you’ll probably buy sooner rather than later. That’s okay but be sure to talk to a lender about how that might impact your ability to finance.
  • Committing to renting your current home before considering the logistics. Some people just think they’ll rent their current properties and that will offset or take care of the mortgage. But, long distance landlording is tough and costly. Do plenty of research before making a decision because it’s often better to rent small in the new area and sell your current property.
  • Expecting your possessions to arrive right on time. Relocation is a different timetable than just moving across town. You should expect some delays and be prepared in advance so you aren’t in a bad situation.

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