Freedom High School

Established in 2003 to relieve over-enrollment at the other sixteen public institutions in Orlando, Freedom High School is an “A” rated educational facility with outstanding six Advanced Placement, or AP Programs. Originally, the high school was to be named in honor of a Marine trooper who gave his life in defense of the country, but in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the name was changed to Freedom High School. Its mascot is the Patriots, symbolized by a unique crest, combined of a bald eagle, perched behind a shield containing four symbols, two are devoted to education and arts, and the other two are the Liberty Bell, and a military medal.

Educational Opportunities at Orlando’s Freedom High School

In the past few years, the school has received an “A” rating, first, in 2010, continuing through 2011, and then again in 2013, through 2014. Education here is top-notch, as the institution is known locally for its highly advanced, prestigious academic standards. Among the advanced scholastic programs are the Advanced Placement or AP Program, which is sponsored by a collegiate board, and offers students the ability to take college-credit courses in various subjects, ranging from psychology, to music theory, to mathematics, to geography, to physics and chemistry, and a number of foreign languages.

Another prestigious educational program, the Monticello Academy of Excellence, gives students the opportunity to compete with high school students across the country. It places heavy emphasis on self confidence, competition, self worth, and respect for others, with its key pillars being, “Leadership, Service, Honor, Excellence and Tradition.”

The Advancement Via Individual Determination program begins in elementary school in the fourth grade and continues throughout high school to prepare students specifically for a college education. It combines two advanced levels of coursework, Honors and AP, and students are taught key study skills, which include research and time management. The courses are based and focused on preparing students to succeed in their chosen major at the collegiate level.

Two more educational programs are likewise offered at Freedom High School, the Academy of Hospitality and the Academy of Mass Media. The former prepares students for pursuing a career in the travel and hospitality industry, while the latter is to educate students on mass communication, which includes marketing and broadcasting through radio, television, and print.

The Early Childhood Education program is designed to prepare students who wish to devote their careers to the education of young children, particularly care and mentoring. It focuses heavily on hands-on interaction and work with children at daycare facilities, elementary schools, and middle schools.

Students at this school have performed well on the FCAT and it remains one of the best in the city of Orlando, as well as statewide, being placed in the top percentiles. Freedom High School has a dual enrollment program, allowing students to complete college level coursework for credit while also completing their high school education.

Extracurricular Activities

There are a number of extracurricular activities at the school, some of which require a grade point average over 3.0 to be eligible to participate. These include sports such as golf, baseball, volleyball, track and field, lacrosse, football, soccer, softball, fencing, tennis, and swimming and diving. Other sport programs are also offered, as well as several fine arts. The school’s fine arts include band, drama, art, chorus, photography, orchestra, and painting.

Freedom High School is located at 2500 West Taft Vineland Road, in Orlando, Florida.