Common Home Seller Pitfalls to Avoid

Home seller pitfalls are usually of their own making. In other words, it’s like sabotaging the deal yourself but unwittingly, in most cases. Now, that doesn’t mean sellers always make mistakes with realizing the, but it does mean you’ll have to put yourself in the right frame of mind. You’ll need to think like a buyer because that’s precisely the mindset the people on the other side of the table. This process starts with taking an objective look at your home. What changes would you make? Which are realistic and which are truly out of your hands? This perspective will greatly help you to identify possible pain points and address them accordingly, if possible.

Getting Your Home in Salable Condition

Where most sellers go wrong is believing their home is ready-to-go, with just a few minor tweaks here and there. Or, thinking it’s just unwise to make any changes since they won’t be in the house much longer. Both are big time mistakes. Your house will go up against stiff competition. So, it’s got to present itself in the best light to stand out from the competition.

“Trying to sell your home by yourself is sheer madness. Many people think that it’s easily doable because the market is hot and you can save on the commission. Despite the lure of not having to pay an agent a commission, you need the expertise and know-how of a professional, who can help you navigate the stacks of paperwork, provide priceless neighborhood knowledge – and negotiate on your behalf.” —

Also, consider this fact — buyers greatly prefer move-in ready homes. Very few are looking for fixer-uppers or even those which need just a tiny bit of updating. So, you’ll need to fix everything that’s broken and that includes everything which needs repair (or replacement). Sure, this takes time and effort but make no mistake, buyers will certainly take notice and those are strikes against you that will definitely count. Buyers notice anything that’s bad about a house and factor these into their choices.

Not only are repairs necessary. But also, depersonalizing and decluttering are must moves to make. Basically, you’re transforming your property into a model house. Although this requires a good amount of effort, the house will sell faster and for more money.

Common Home Seller Pitfalls to Avoid

Now, for the reality check. Just because a house is in good, showable and salable condition, doesn’t mean you won’t fall into one or more traps. Here are the most common home seller pitfalls to avoid:

  • Unwillingness to negotiate. This doesn’t just apply to price, but also, to buyer contingencies, the closing or escrow timeline, move-out date, and more. Don’t let a little thing get in the way of selling your house.
  • Following perspective buyers. This is a tough one for some sellers. You want to be available to answer any questions and to point out improvements. But, it’s best to give buyers their space when touring the property so they feel free to explore and talk.
  • Giving into an emotional attachment. Sure, you’ve created some fond memories in the house. But, there’s a new chapter waiting. So, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. If you’re having trouble letting go, it might not be the right time.
  • Not creating an actionable moving plan. It’s not just procrastinators that make this mistake. It’s easy to misjudge how much time it takes to execute a move. Don’t let this happen. Formulate an actionable moving plan as soon as possible.

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