Clever Ways to Reduce Moving Costs

Moving isn’t an exciting proposition, but when you are starting a new chapter in your life, it’s a necessity. It could be relocating from out-of-state or moving into a new construction home, like The Pointe at Hunter’s Creek. Whatever the reason, we all know that moving isn’t inexpensive and it also requires a lot of time, which can mean having to take days off work, compounding the stress. So, anything that makes a move easier is quite welcome, and, anything which reduces the cost is even better.

Some people make the mistake of not having a plan. It’s not so much procrastination, but not having a cohesive plan to follow. When you don’t plan properly, you are inviting trouble, meaning in this instance, increased costs. This can be avoided and there are some very clever ways to reduce moving costs.

Smart Ways to Reduce Moving Costs

Long distance moves are the most expensive but what’s surprising is even short distance moves are relatively expensive. This is because people take on unnecessary expenses, which substantially up the cost of moving, and, by identifying those unneeded expenditures, you can bring the overall cost down.

“Approximately 16.7 million households move annually, with a little less than half moving in the summer months, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The summer season is an especially popular time to move, because most families want to move when their children are out of school, says Julie Reynolds, a spokesperson for, a site that connects consumers with professional moving companies.” —U.S. News and World Report

Moving companies make their money on their services, the more they sell you, the better. This is why rented moving vans contain certain helpful items, such as hand trucks, placed strategically in the bay, secured in such a way that’s it’s obvious you used it. Not surprisingly, you’ll spend a lot more than it’s actually worth if you do use it. Here are some more ways to save on moving costs:

  • Lighten your load. Even if you plan to rent a van and do the manual labor yourself, this is a very good idea. By selling, donating, and giving away items which you do not regularly use, you’ll have less to pack, and, less to unpack. Should you be using a service, know the more stuff, the more money it will cost.
  • Get free boxes. You’ll certainly be surprised by the amount of stuff you’ve collected over the years, stuff that for the most part, you don’t use. Boxes are among the most expensive items sold by moving companies. Visit retailers and ask for boxes and you’ll find veritable treasure troves.
  • Pack everything yourself. This means down to the last knickknack, even packaging appliances and electronics, because you’ll be charged a hefty fee for anything the moving company has to pack and/or secure.
  • Move at the least expensive time. The summer months are the most expensive time to move because children aren’t in school. In addition, spring break can also be a bit more costly for the same reason. In addition, the first and last of the month are peak times for moving companies, so, try to move during the middle of the month.
  • Be smart about insurance. You might be offered moving insurance by the service you’ve hired. Ask if the terms are for replacement value or market value and also, go over your homeowners or renters insurance policy to see if your possessions are already covered.

Another smart move to save time and a bit of money, is to color code or label boxes with their room destinations. You won’t have to guess what’s in each box and will save a good deal of time by doing this.