How can I Make My Home Sell Quickly?

You’ve decided to sell your home because you’re taking advantage of a new job, need more space, or need to downsize. You’ll want to get the most out of your investment and to do so, it’s got to be in salable condition. Homebuyers form an impression about a property in just 7 to 10 seconds, which means you’ve got to make a positive impact.

That can be done by making the right moves and avoiding common home improvement mistakes. For instance, don’t believe that everyone who sees the home likes the fact that you’ve turned a bedroom into an office. Studies show that buyers do not like rooms to be used for any other purpose that what’s intended.

In addition, don’t make claims about your property that aren’t technically true. Some sellers like to call a three-quarter bath a full bath and that’s going to put off anyone who tours the house. Also, you should consider upgrading to new appliances because that’s one powerful selling feature.

What to Do Before Asking How can I Make my Home Sell Quickly

If you’ve done work in your home without a permit, then now is the time to rectify the situation because it will likely hold-up the sale of your home. This will cost you but it will be worth the price since unpermitted work will stop any possible sale in its tracks. In addition, if you’ve had a disagreement with a contractor, now is also the time to search the records of the clerk of the court online. There might be a lien on your property.

“As the housing recovery that began last year continues to gain steam, selling your home may become less of a headache. But you can be sure of one thing: You’re always likely to make the process easier if you use smart marketing tactics. Some of them are givens: De-clutter your home for open houses, enhance your landscaping, etc. But there are also some underutilized selling methods.” —AOL Real Estate

Should any of these things be a reality, deal with them and do not try to hide them. If you try to sell your home without proper and full disclosure, you’re opening yourself up to a lawsuit and that will cost you far more than paying to correct any problems.

Things You can Do To Make Your Home Sell Fast

The reason many homes do not sell quickly is the owner is sabotaging their own efforts. Be realistic about your property and put yourself in a buyer’s frame of mind. Here are five ways you can get your home to sell faster when it’s time:

  • Price it just below market value. A big mistake many sellers make is pricing their home based on comparable houses on the market. The asking or listing price isn’t the sales price, so, it’s a bad comparison. Price your home based on homes sold within the last three to four months and then, reduce it to just below market value.
  • Spruce up its curb appeal. A few colorful plants and flowers, a good pressure washing, and a clean, open entryway are all great selling features. For maximum impact, consider having the exterior painted.
  • Fix whatever is broken. That door with the handle that sticks, the window that’s cracked, or the weatherstripping that’s coming off an exterior door are now top priorities. Fix anything and everything that’s broken because it will be an issue with buyers.
  • Offer to pay part or all of the closing costs. These are usually the responsibility of the buyer, but if you offer to pay part or all of the settlement costs, you’re really sweetening the deal for your buyer.
  • Stage your home. Clear out the closets until they’re about 30 percent full and scale down on your furniture to create a sense of flow. Depersonalize your home and keep children and pets away when your listing agent is showing your property.

If you follow these suggestions, your home will get more buyer attention and sell quickly.