Backyard Features that Increase Home Resale Value

Can you really increase a home’s resale value by adding certain backyard features? The answer is yes, it can be done. But, there are also backyard features which either don’t add or take away from the value of a home. While it seems odd at first, when you think about it, creating a useful and aesthetically pleasing outdoor atmosphere is a great way to set your home apart from the competition. You’ve just got to know which backyard features help and hurt a house’s resale price. This way, you’ll know how to increase home resale value, when it comes time to list your property.

Backyard Features that Hurt Home Resale Value

Homeowners put the time and effort into home improvement projects for good reason. Often, these are to better function and style. But, they can also be done for specific, niche purposes. This is where risk comes into play. For instance, if you add something that’s super-customized to your own tastes, it might not have wide appeal when you put your home up for sale. Then, it becomes an obstacle to selling. Even some very common backyard features are problematic. Take for example, swimming pools, ubiquitous here in Orlando and throughout the Sunshine State. While appealing to singles and married couples with elementary and older children, not so much to young parents and elderly buyers. The former see it as a ner must-have while the latter see it as a big risk.
Then, there are other features, like too many concrete surfaces. Buyers simply like more green space.

“Did you know something as simple as landscaping can add value to your home? It’s true. An attractive home with a well-maintained yard is appealing to potential buyers. Landscaping goes beyond just plants and shrubs to hardscaping, which includes water features, decks, patios and other man-made improvements to your outdoor space. Not all hardscaping is worth the investment, but there are some to consider if you’d like to raise your home’s resale value.” —U.S. News and World Report

Another backyard feature which buyers do not like are fruit trees. These are messy and attract a number of pests. Or, too much lawn ornamentation. When there is too much, it takes away from the space and visual appeal. Instead, it looks like a cluttered mess. And, that makes for a tougher sale. Now, to increase home resale value, you’ve got to add things buyers generally like most to see.

Backyard Features that Increase Home Resale Value

The things that really increase home resale value are simple to understand. Some are inexpensive while others are a bigger investment. Of course, it’s not required your house has all of them. Just a few will do a whole lot of good. Here are some backyard features that help to increase home resale value for residential properties:

  • Trees. Trees improve the natural look of the backyard. And, they provide shade. Not to mention, they give a home sense of establishment. Typically, three to five trees make a strong impression, particularly when they are between three and eight years old.
  • Outdoor entertainment space. Who doesn’t like an outdoor kitchen, with plenty of seating and recreation? The answer is very few buyers. The vast majority appreciate such amenities. You can add a few items at time and you don’t have to buy top-of-the-line appliances.
  • A kids’ playset. Just a simple swing set, sandbox, and perhaps a couple of more kids amenities is all it takes to appeal to families with young children.
  • Lighting and water features. Lighting and water features, like a waterfall, are great additions. These really help to dress up a backyard and provide function in lighting and relaxation.

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