Ashton in Hunters Creek

Moving to Hunters Creek is an important decision that thousands of people make each year, but the choice of which neighborhood to consider in Hunters Creek can be tough! With so many communities with beautiful homes close to many amenities it can feel that there is too much choice!

But, buyers definitely should consider the community of Ashton.

Situated just off of Hunters Creek Boulevard right on Lake Calabay, Ashton is a pretty community containing 34 homes with a population of just under 100 people, many of whom have relocated to Hunters Creek from across the nation and beyond.

Construction on the neighborhood started in 1996 and was completed in 1997. Ashton is a premiere location to live in Hunters Creek with a gated entrance and having the accolade as the only community in Hunters Creek which is completely fenced in offering a private, secure gated community.

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Living in Ashton is great if you enjoy an evening walk to keep fit and health with walking one full circle measuring 0.75 miles. Enjoying an evening overlooking Lake Calabay is a greet way to end your day!

Homes in Ashton are large four and five bedroom homes with most properties featuring screened back porches with their own private pools.

If you are considering relocating to Hunters Creek and are looking for a beautiful single family home then perhaps the great community of Ashton is the neighborhood you could live in! Contact Steve Glose for professional Hunters Creek Relocation advice.