5 Home Improvements which Derail Sales

Many homeowners believe the common misconception that making improvements adds value to their properties. Though in theory that might be a correct assumption, when it comes to the real world, the truth is, not all improvements increase value. Some, have no real effect at all, while others actually hurt a property’s value.

If you are ready to put your home on the market, know that certain features will be a turnoff to buyers. Should any of these five improvements be present, change them now or let your home linger on the market for many months and reduce the price more than once.

Why Changes Make Selling Impediments

It’s well-documented that few buyers want a project home, the vast majority prefer and are looking specifically for, move-in ready residences. Most buyers fret the prospect of having to devote nights, weekends, and a lot of money to fixing-up a home or having to undo someone else’s “mistakes”.

“Like many people, you might be under the impression that home improvements are good investments that pay for themselves when you sell your house. You’d be wrong in most cases. Except for steel entry doors, that is. Such doors tend to recoup 102% of the construction cost when a home is sold. A front door made of fiberglass–which actually costs more to buy and install–won’t pay off nearly as well. It only pulls in 60% of its original cost. The sad truth is that most home improvements are like fiberglass doors, and won’t come close to paying for themselves.” —Forbes

A very real, yet little know fact is that some improvements are not worth the time, effort, or money to complete. Unless the owner is staying in the home indefinitely, these things will be a big impediment to overcome when marketing their property.

Avoid these Five Home Improvements which Derail Sales

You probably know that your home should be clean, well-staged, and have plenty of curb appeal. What you likely aren’t aware of is that those “improvements” you made to customize your space will keep your home from selling. Here are the five home improvements which derail sales:

  1. A converted bedroom. A bedroom that’s been converted for a purpose other than being a bedroom is a big objection to buyers. They expect rooms to be able to serve their original purpose.
  2. An unpopular pool. Above ground pools fall into this category, as do pools with a lot of “features.” The first being unsightly, and the second a maintenance headache.
  3. Color shock. Bold colors might well be your thing and showcase your personality, but buyers aren’t interested in purchasing your personal preferences. Neutral, soothing colors work best.
  4. A hot tub experience. Everyone likes to unwind and relax and what better place than a hot tub, right? Buyers won’t see it as theirs, but will definitely consider the germs you will no doubt leave behind.
  5. A converted garage. If it doesn’t have the ability to pull-in cars, store stuff, and be a place for tools, it will be a source of discontent and buyers will not want to take on the responsibility of having to convert it back.

If any of these are present, do yourself a favor and undo them now to sell quickly and for more money.